Are you tired of the abortion industry cramming its agenda down your throats? 
We are.
And they’re at it again. 
Right now, in the Illinois Senate, is a bill called SJRCA 4  – or as we know it, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). 
Among the mischief of the ERA is an attempt to ingrain abortion and taxpayer funding (HB 40) of abortions into our U.S. Constitution. 
Courts in some states with state ERAs have said that if you don’t pay for abortions, that’s discrimination since only women get abortions. 
The abortion lobby needs just TWO more states to approve the resolution to ratify the federal constitution. 
This resolution attempt is DECADES old. 
But we have countless judges who are activists. Some even publicly stating they don’t consider the constitution, rather they consider what is a “fair resolution” to the dispute before them.
This has to stop.
I need you to call your state senator and your state representative NOW, and tell them to vote NO on the ERA.
Find your legislators and their numbers here
A vote could be as early as next week.
If you’re sick of taxpayer funded abortion, then help us prevent more states across the country from being forced to fund it.
Call right now – don’t delay – lives depend on you. 
Dear NACN Members,


As a signer to the coalition letter in support of the Conscience Protection Act.. I’m writing with a status update and call to action. The Conscience Protection Act was introduced in January of 2017.  Our hope for enacting the CPA has hinged on getting it included in the must-pass Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations bill.  While the House included CPA in its Omnibus Appropriations Act last September the Senate did not pass its appropriations bills, thus requiring Congress to pass several short-term Continuing Resolutions to fund the government.  The latest CR will expire on March 23rd and it is expected that a final FY 2018 appropriations bill will be voted on prior to that deadline. 


This means that we are approaching the time when Congress will finally decide whether to include the CPA in the FY 18 appropriations bill.  We anticipate Congress will make that decision sometime during the week of March 12.  Consequently, between now and March 16 we are urging a big final lobbying effort to Congress asking to include CPA in the appropriations bill. 
Your help is needed to get the word out far and wide to urge your grassroots to do three things:
  1. Pray that Congress will enact the CPA and activate other prayer warriors, chains, groups, etc.
  2. Urge your grassroots to email and call your Senators and Representatives and urge them to include the CPA in the FY 2018 appropriations omnibus bill.  In case it is useful for you, (our grassroots partner on pro-life policy) makes it very easy to email and call Congress at
  3. Light up social media to raise awareness and prompt action. At least 13 pro-life groups will be participating in a twitter storm on Wednesday, March 7 from 2pm to 6 pm (EST). 
Greg Schleppenbach
Associate Director
Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
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