The mission of the Council of Catholic Nurses of the diocese of Joliet, Illinois is to be the service organization that:

Provide support to all Catholic nurses and student nurses in their individual fields of endeavor with special concern for their spiritual health;

Gives these individuals in the Diocese of Joliet an opportunity to gather, support and educate each other both spiritually and professionally;

Works to support and enhance activities related to the Church and community;

Provides scholarship funding to Catholic Nursing students;

Educates about issues of concern to Catholic nurses and student nurses;

Empowers Catholic nurses and student nurses to respond in faith and with justice, compassion, and reference for life, ensuring care of all persons, especially the aged and unborn;

Brings Catholic ethics into the community.

United and strengthened through the sacraments and prayer, we minister to continue the healing mission of Christ.


The vision of the Council is to be the collective voice of Catholic nurses and student nurses and Catholic Nursing for the Diocese of Joliet, Illinois related to promoting moral principals and advocating for human dignity and the value of life, as defined in the “Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance Charter for Health Care Workers”.