Prayer for Protection of Human Life

God our Father,

you lovingly knit us in our mother’s womb. Grant that each human embryo will be respected as a human being,
and not dismissed as a product to be manipulated or destroyed. Grant us the courage and conviction to be your voice
for our sisters and brothers at the very earliest stages of their development, and for all defenseless unborn children.

Jesus, Divine Healer,
foster in those conducting medical research a commitment to finding cures in ways that respect those little ones and all your vulnerable children.
Holy Spirit, grant us the wisdom to develop morally sound treatments for conditions now thought to be incurable. Help us preserver in defending human life while alleviating suffering. Show mercy to all who have cooperated in killing our tiniest brothers and sisters. Bring them and all who support destructive embryo research to true conversion. Grant them the ability to see the immeasurable dignity of all human
beings even in the first days of life. Father, we ask this in Jesus’ name, through the Holy Spirit.


Taken from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Pro-Life Activities Page