The purpose of the Council of Catholic Nurses Diocese of Joliet is to provide support of Catholic nurses in their individual fields of endeavor with special concern for their spiritual health.


1.        To keep current in analyzing and promoting moral principles within the Catholic context in the field of nursing.

2.        To stimulate desire for professional improvement and community involvement through educations programs promoting moral principles within the Catholic context.

3.        To encourage and assist cooperative efforts ad actions among other local, national and international organizations having similar purpose and objectives.

4.        To participate, as far as circumstances may warrant, in activities designed to promote Catholic doctrine.


1.    Church: 

To create a community of God’s people that is educated and dynamic.

2.    Family:

To assist members in achieving truly Christian family living and to preserve Christian principles in those areas that pertains to the welfare of all families.

3.    Community:

To involve Council members in working to answer the needs of the community including such areas as safety, health and welfare and government.

4.    International: 

To awaken in all Catholic nurses and student nurses a conviction of their responsibilities for the international society and to create, through this conviction a brotherhood of all peoples.  Its concerns are peace, education, international relief and development, hospitality to foreigners and participation in meetings of an international nature.

5.    Organization: 

To act as a supportive service to Catholic nurses and student nurses in areas related to mentoring, leadership and public relations.

6.    Legislation:

To follow the Church’s role in the political order in the following ways:

a.    Education regarding the teachings of the Church and the responsibilities of the faithful;

b.    Analysis of issues for their social and moral dimensions;

c.    Measuring public policy against gospel values;

d.    Participating with other concerned parties in debate over public policy;

e.    Speaking out with courage, skill and concern on public issues involving human rights, social justice and the life of the Church and society.